• meditation near me
  • meditation near me

How Safe Heaven Care is different

We are a team of people concerned about society and pledge to help the needy.
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Healthy Lifestyle

We help the rescuee to develop a healthy lifestyle and set up a productive routine
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Exercise Program

An hour of exercise helps a person be positive all day, and we try to do it with rescuee.
homeless people in california

Meditation Session

Meditation helps in concentrating, and our sessions have proved it.
homeless people in california


We have several activities for widows and victims of domestic violence to become financially independent.
homeless people in california

Non-school hours classes

We help children build ethical habits and mentor them to be disciplined from the early days of their life.
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Provide Shelter

Our NGO gives safe shelter to all the homeless people and provides necessary facilities.

A Corporation You Can Trust on

We are a corporation to bring change in society by helping widows, victims of domestic violence, and other sufferers and helping them live peaceful lives.

homeless people in california






meditation near me
  • Bring the change to society

    Our teams pledge to bring an extraordinary change to society. They also help people develop the mentality, "Each one of us can at least Change one life." And with this thought, we want to make a better society.

  • Decrease the margin between privilege & unprivileged

    Our aim of helping the less privileged and underprivileged is to decrease the gap between them. Thus, every person should get an equal opportunity to rise in life.

  • Build an inspiring lifestyle

    With the help of our trainers, we help our rescuee set a lifestyle that inspires others to get that lifestyle.


meditation near me

Connect With Us

Give back to society what you got from it. Help & Care
meditation near me

Donate Us

Even your small token can become a great help to others.
meditation near me

Volunteer With Us

A day in a week of yours can also improve someone’s life.
homeless people in california

Celebrate With Us

Look at someone’s improving life and celebrate it with us.
homeless people in california

Make an Appointment

For Enquiry: For Enquiry fill our short feedback form or you can also send us an info@safeheavencare.com and we’ll get in touch shortly, or Troll Free Number - (323) 346 5368

Office Hours : 07:30 and 19:00 Mon to Sat, Sun - Holiday