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Provide Shelter to all the Homeless People

We at Safe Heaven Care aim to provide a roof to hide their head to every person in the country. Therefore, we try to reach all the homeless people in the countryside and give them proper shelter to stay. Our volunteers are determined creatures working day & night to search for homeless people and provide them with the basic facilities needed for living a healthy life.

Nursing and Financial Services

The volunteers of Safe Heaven Care are all-around participants and help in all types of jobs that come up. With the generous help from our volunteers and donors, we are always ready with all types of help required. We have an open nursing house for all the needy who require a nursing facility. And also help them with financial assistance so that the person lives a healthy life.
healthcare services
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Education Facility to less privileged child

Safe Heaven Care has always aimed to lessen the gap between privileged and unprivileged or less privileged people, and the best time to start it is from among children. So, we have a particular educational service for less privileged children to come and get taught by experts from the field. This service will help them to get a fair chance to run with the privileged children.